Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions of registration and payment of the sold
The registration for any of our trips implies the acceptance of our terms and conditions.
No reservations can be considered without the payment of the total amount.
– The reception of this payment involves the reservation to the extent of available seats.
– Copies of bank transfers will be transmitted by the customer to info@travelatin.com.
– The subsequent costs to banking (international transfer fees) are for the customer (it varies vary with each organization, please check with your bank about this).

2. Payment of the deposit and balance
The payment of the total amount of the tour is required at the registration time.
It may be made by :
– A secure online payment the platform of PayPal that handles our transactions.
– For international interbank transfer, with the interbank code for our account in Peru whose coordinates are:
• Currency Types : American dollars USD
• Bank : Bank Scotiabank Peru S A A
• Swift Code/BIC : BSUDPEPL
• Account Number: 000-2707949
• Account name: Travel Latin Escape
• Account address: Av Dionisio Derteano No 102, Lima – Pérou
It is very important to for you to send us the voucher of payment to info@travelatin.com.

3. In case of a cancelation made by you

In case of cancellation on your part, you must inform Hotel Arqueólogo by mail, allowing for an acknowledgment.
The amounts paid will be refunded after the following deductions:

Tours in shared service
– More than 48 hours before the start of the Tour, the deposit will be refunded, minus 10% administration costs.
– Less than 48 hours before the start of the Tour, there will be no refund.

Tours in private service
– More than 21 days before the start of the Tour, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO retains 40% of the total value of the Tour
– Between 20 and 10 days of the start of the Tour, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO retains 50% of the total value of the Tour.
– Between 9 and 2 days of the start of the Tour, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO retains 70% of the total value of the Tour.
– Less than 48 hours before the start of the Tour, there will be no refund.

Tours to Machu Picchu
– More than 48 hours before the start of the Tour, the Hotel Arqueólogo retains 40% of the total value of the Tour.
– Less than 48 hours before the start of the Tour, there will be no refund.

– The Services offered by the Hotel Arqueólogo does not allow changes or cancellations.

The cost of banking transactions will also be your responsibility.

The cancellation by you less than 2 days before departure or a no show to appointments starting or an interruption of the travel by you (for any reason) don’t give any refund .In case of late arrival of international flights, we will offer you the best solution to join the normal course of your program. Possible transport costs and accommodation due to this change will be your responsibility. Transportation, hotel nights, excursions and other services lost because of this delay will be refunded depending on the amount agreed between Hotel Arqueólogo and its contractors.

Entrances to the citadel of Machu Picchu are non-refundable and non-changeable. Once booked and issued, no refund will be possible. Moreover, for train tickets and tickets to Machu Picchu no change of name, date of travel or passport number is allowed without penalty which is charged at your expense.

For the Inca Trail trek (version 2 or 4 days), if the cancellation on your part occurs:
– 17 days before the service date, it is retained per person: 75 USD (2 days) or 150 USD (4 days).
– Between 16 and 4 days before the service date, it is retained per person: 125 USD (2 days) or 250 USD (4 days).
– 3 before the service date, there will be no refund.
It is not possible to change the dates or the names of participants.
These rules are dictated by the INC (Instituto Nacional de la Cultura), the organization that controls access to the Inca Trail.

If the group gets reduced due to cancellation of the trip by one or more participants:
The cancellation conditions stated above shall apply to each participant canceling his trip. Also, for the remaining participants, the cost of travel per person will increase. Indeed, the price per person is calculated based on the number of participants and is valid only if the number is maintained. Participants who canceled their trip will not be responsible for the additional cost which will be borne by the participants making the journey.

Consult your insurance to see or trip interruption is included in the coverage of your credit card. El Hotel Arqueólogo is not in any way responsible for the non – refund of your insurance or lack of insurance to the customer.
4. Cancelation from HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO
In the case of a cancellation by us due to major force (ex : social or political unrest that would not allow to ensure minimum safety conditions), the entire deposit will be paid except bank charges and any non-refundable expenses incurred by HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO, with presentation of receipts (trek the Inca Trail, train ticket to Machu Picchu, entrance to Machu Picchu …).
It will be paid any compensation. If you have not taken out insurance for your international ticket, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO will not be responsible and will not intervene in the repayment of it.

5. Program changes and major force

For justified reasons (especially social movements, weather events, natural disasters, passenger safety …) the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO reserves the right to modify a transport, accommodation and itinerary.
The HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO is not responsible for the consequences caused by any of the following alteration: closure of airports, weather conditions, natural disasters or other reasons, such as flight delays, political situations of war, strike, aircraft changes or other circumstances of major force. The additional costs generated by this type of alteration are for the customer.

6. Formalities

You are required to comply with local rules concerning customs, passport, and vaccinations. The Hotel Arqueólogo cannot be held responsible for any consequences of non-compliance with a formality.

7. Risks and Insurance

You are aware that proper security conditions in the country, the remoteness of medical facilities and activities that you will achieve contains certain risks that you accept knowingly. The transport companies used (plane, bus, boat, private vehicle) have their own insurance and are solely responsible for any damage in case of accident, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO acting only as an intermediary and always choosing and moving companies approved and safe. The HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO does not provide insurance.

Insurance modification or cancellation of travel:
Check with your bank and / or insurance whether a modification or interruption of travel is included in the coverage of your credit card. Also, when buying your international flight, you have the option of taking out a travel insurance that covers you against the risk of cancellation or modification on your part.
If you have not purchased insurance, the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO be held responsible and will not intervene in the repayment thereof.

Repatriation insurance:
We strongly advise you to take repatriation insurance. A simple solution is to pay with your credit card the price of your international flight because it includes in most cases repatriation insurance. Check with your banker. If it does not, please ask our customer service that will inform you about the various possibilities for this type of insurance.

Personal insurance:
We strongly recommend that you take personal assistance insurance. Your refusal to subscribe to this insurance not will engage the responsibility of our society. In any case remember to take with you a copy of your contract because you are responsible for reporting claims to insurance.

8. Luggage

At any time the client is responsible for his baggage and personal effects. The drivers and guides have no role to monitor baggage and check that nothing is forgotten in vehicles or on the sites visited. The HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO is not responsible for the loss of personal items which remain at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of their owners.
In disputes in the interpretation of the conditions defined above, a settlement will be offered in the search for an established balance of reciprocal concessions and understanding.
However, know that the HOTEL ARQUEOLOGO do take responsibility and will do everything to ensure optimum quality of its services. We have great experience and know the unexpected.

Have a good trip!